Pressure Tester

Pressure Tester

The rebuilding industry's Most Practical, Truly Universal, Pressure Tester...
Designed by a Rebuilder... for a Rebuilder

The pressure tester offers the speed and capability for all the testing you face day-to-day: Aluminum, Automotive, and industrial, including large diesel heads. Fast and efficient for the real shop Environment. Set-up most heads in 5 minutes.

All side and end ports are sealed quickly and effectively with Side Closureuniversal closure devices unique cradle lifting system for applying plenty of sealing pressure fully adjustable jack posts accommodate all shapes of cylinder heads, wedge, parallel and overhead cam. Can easily compensate for thickness differences.

Jack PostJack post are fully adjustable to accommodate all shapes of cylinder heads, wedge, parallel and overhead cam. Heads are measured outside of the frame and the jack posts can be pre-set easily in the frame to accept any automotive or diesel head up to 7- 1/8" thick, with our cylinder head thickness gauge. It can also be adjusted to compensate for heads that are not always parallel. The jack post support heads either through head bolt holes on V-6 and V-8's, or with parallel bars for parallel heads and overhead cam heads with cam towers with bars length ways and diesel heads with bars crossways

Small pieces of Neopreneneoprene are are placed over water holes to cover any variations of size and shape of holes. Then Enclosure Barsenclosure bars of different widths and lengths are placed on neoprene pads. Strong back cross bars slide horizontally within the frame compressing neoprene enclosure pads evenly when cam-lever is pulled, providing for solid clamping without further adjustments.

Both ends and both sides can be closed off at the same time using J-brackets hanging from side bars and sliding top bars. Water or air enclosures may be placed on ends, sides or surface with this method of pressure testing. This method allows you to test with air to 60 lbs or water to 100 lbs without leaking. A standard accessory storage cart will be provided to store all the parts.

The following optional items are also available.