Small Cap Grinder

Small Cap Grinder

Model: Delta 6200 HD
Heavy Duty Cap and Rod Grinder

The Delta 6200 HD is the perfect machine for those individuals who require a high precision grinder. The machine produces a flat mating surface and is quickly adjustable to the original mating surfaces.

The setup is very quick. Place the Small Cap magnetmagnetic straight edge on the table face, then place cap or rod against the surface and tighten down. This same operation can be used on overhead cam caps. The stone can be Dresserdressed before and / or during the grinding operation as required. The diamond dresser is mounted on the side of the actual work table. This same operation can be used on overhead cam caps.

This Dressergrinder will do caps measuring up to 3" in height and up to 9" in length. The Tablework table is 8" square. Readily grinds ends of caps after welding for better fit in block. The stone will tilt for that extra fine tuning by adjusting Tilta knob at the back of the motor.

The fitting of caps sideways to the block can be accomplished by installing aSmall Cap Key ½" key in the groove of the table and grinding the side of cap 90 degrees to the face.